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Executive Development

We are highly experienced in working with large and small clients to identify, assess and develop their rising leaders. All of our leadership programs blend the cognitive dimensions with behavioral dimensions and include our proprietary thinking-based approach.

Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Architecting Company-wide Leadership Development/Talent Management programs utilizing outcome-based designs and proven best practices. We have previously created large amounts of intellectual property in these areas, which enables us to customize programs for our clients that are quickly up and running at a fraction of what it would normally cost.
  • Providing expert Psychological Assessments and Feedback with an assessment methodology that includes the cognitive (thinking styles) dimension, where others typically do not.
  • Building Personal Individual Development Plans and working with an Executive Coach.
  • Implementing a turn-key leadership program for companies that do not have their own leadership development program (see our ASCEND program on this website). This program can be implemented for very small groups or single individuals as needed.
  • Building Corporate Talent Review processes that synchronize division or department processes with corporate processes.
  • Being an outsource partner to manage Corporate Leadership Development including designing the process, coordinating the assessments, sourcing and managing the coaches, creating the materials, managing the process, regularly reporting progress, etc.