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Our philosophy centers around helping organizations become more literate in their own strategy. Strategy defines the future state and provides the context for the initiatives and workstreams that will move an organization forward.

Alignment around organizational strategy is critical to execution. Organizations can’t align people; rather, people must align themselves. To do so requires the ability to understand the overall big picture and how one fits into it.

As strategy cascades, it is critical that executives and managers have the opportunity to personally translate the strategy at their level. This aligns thinking and converts strategy to collective intent. It also strengthens personal engagement.

Individual Thinking Skills are critical in leadership positions. This is exacerbated in times of transition. In today’s work environments, time to think is at a premium. Leaders need to achieve a better balance of working ON the business versus IN the business.

Whole business thinking is a learned skill that can be optimized by following certain frameworks. What a leader is thinking about the business can also be articulated, captured, discussed and reviewed.

A leader’s thinking can be coached, mentored and developed. Development of leaders should consider the thinking dimension, and personal development plans should align with the strategic future needs of the organization.

Thinking is often a precedent to behavior, and represents a major new area of opportunity in organizational development and driving change.


Our approach supports organizations in developing, cascading and executing their strategic intent. Our focus is biased toward developing and aligning the thinking dimension of the organization’s leaders.

All of our solutions are thinking-based. As we work with leaders, we help them articulate their thinking and prioritize their intent. Our goal is for every leader to be clear and focused in their game plan, which is a subset of the overall big picture strategy.

Our approach revolves around Generative Learning and the use of mental models as a context for decision-making. All of our solutions contain specific thinking-based content that is strategic in nature. This includes strategic concepts, mental models and thinking frameworks that increase whole business thinking and enable the translation of strategy by individual leaders.