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Strategic Proficiency-Based Learning Systems

Strategy can shift quickly, and oftentimes Learning can’t keep up. The business results produced by learning approaches are often unclear, leaving managers uncertain about what learning has taken place. This makes it all the more challenging for operational leaders as they work to align daily performance with a long-term strategy. To deliver meaningful results, they need a learning partner who can understand their strategic intent and help their people quickly develop strategic skill sets.

Tailwind is your Strategic Learning Partner. We have developed a unique proficiency-based learning design approach for working with fast-paced operational organizations. Our approach can blend any combination of soft and technical skills across the full spectrum of learning modalities. Everything we build is fully custom and set up to fit your business strategy, build proficiency, and produce measurable results. You’ll be able to certify what your people know when they know it, and what they can do. We work fast and affordably.

Why should I consider working with Tailwind?

  • We are experts at how to leverage learning approaches to drive strategic results.
  • We let your business needs determine the design and content of the learning.
  • We audit what you already have in place and leverage it where possible.
  • We certify proficiency, so you know what people learn and are able to do–and you can track it across large populations.
  • We can build custom technical, business and soft skills materials, programs, events, and systems.
  • We are experienced in working with large populations across remote locations.
  • We can work at the pace of Operations and align seamlessly with Operations Management.
  • We work with you every step of the way, beginning with your approval of a proficiency-matrix that delivers on your strategy.
  • We understand change management and help our clients ensure program success.
  • We build top-level programs at a fraction of what it would cost with other vendors.

What’s a good next step to learn more?

We would like to show you how our architecture is put together and some of the great work that we’ve created for our clients. We can set up a get-acquainted call or a complimentary web meeting to exchange insights and ideas. Just email us or call our office to get things rolling.