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Strategic GamePlanning

The Strategic GamePlan is a highly-proven thinking and planning framework for individual executives. Building a GamePlan is a step-by-step process that enables executives to think more deeply, more completely, more clearly and more strategically than they ever have. The process helps executives blend divergent and convergent thinking as they organize their priorities and translate their thoughts into well-articulated plans. Executive GamePlans capture an individual’s thinking and summarize their intent, making it a great tool for coaching and mentoring executives, aligning organizations and workstreams, strengthening engagement, building collective intent, executing strategy, and deepening strategic thinking skills.

The Strategic GamePlan is our most widely-used and successful thinking framework. We’ve utilized it to set corporate strategy for major companies and guide their ongoing strategic execution management process, define the preferred future for small business owners, align major divisions in large companies, set functional strategies and align teams around them, coach executives through major transitions including OnBoarding, and in developing high potential executives. We’ve coached GamePlanning with CEO’s and their Senior Teams, Division Leaders, Functional Heads, High Potentials, and Business Owners.