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Strategic OnBoarding©

Strategic OnBoarding is a process designed to specifically address the strategic dimension of executive onboarding. It focuses on accelerating strategic assimilation during the first 90 days, enabling the executive to more quickly understand their new organization and synthesize their plan for moving forward.

Strategic fit, mental alignment and timely contribution are critical success factors in executive onboarding. Transitioning executives are challenged to quickly get on top of their new position, accurately analyze their situation, understand how they fit into the bigger picture, set the right direction, then align and lead their new team in executing the strategy. Yet most onboarding programs fail to address these strategic elements.

Our 90-day thinking-based process unfolds in four phases that parallel the executive’s thinking patterns as they onboard. Initially the focus in on Gathering Intelligence and learning as much about the new organization as possible, including understanding its big-picture strategy. The second phase focuses on Building Insight, helping the executive distill key insights that affect their work going forward or help define areas that they must address. The third phase focuses on Situational Analysis, pulling together what’s been learned and determining what changes need to occur. The fourth phase focuses on Synthesis, integrating strategic understanding, making trade-offs, setting priorities and developing a clear and comprehensive GamePlan for moving forward.